NoleLegends Charity TRON Game

Meet NoleLegends, a game that raises environmental awareness with a charity character on the TRON blockchain. The game will offer a farming experience while also delivering a message to the world about nature conservation.

Players can purchase seeds in order to grow legends. Seeds contain genetics of powerfull NoleLegends while each legend is unique with its own personality, story, and skills. Players grow and evolve their tree-legends in their effort to make the TRON world a better place to live. The game operates entirely on the blockchain, meaning that every move can be tracked.

NoLeLegends takes the path of farm-based Trading games and there will be 2 different regions to grow your legends.

Let’s see how the economy of the game works.

To begin with, 90% of the raised funds go back to the community so as a result, 50% goes to the economy of the game, 20% for charity, and 20% for Competitions & Rewards.

NOLE is a TRC-20 Token used for the economy of the game. Currently, you can swap your Nole Coins for TRX in any Tron decentralized exchanges such as Tron Watch Market. The token may not appear in the platforms search bar so you have to add it manually. To do so you have to visit Tron Scan and get the contract address of your Nole Coin and put it to Tron Watch Market by clicking add custom token on the search bar.

NoleWater ($AMSK) is a dividend token used to provide liquidity and is a reward token for the holders of the primary token NOLE. Furthermore, NoleWater can be used for micro charity and everyone can contribute to it.

Right now, the Seed marketplace is available with a number of available seeds to purchase using TRX. NoleLegends has reached the Softcap and now they are in the middle of reaching the Hardcap. There is also a prize pool for the top Seed holder. NoleWater can be purchased from this page and if you feel generous, you can donate for charity here.

NoleLegends Roadmap

The Beta version of NoleLegends is expected to launch in two months, below you can view the roadmap of the game.

Visit NoleLegends Website

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