Nvidia CEO Says We Are On Cusp Of A Blockchain And NFT-enabled Metaverse

Speaking to journalists at the Computex IT expo, the CEO of Nvidia Jensen Huang said that he believes we are on the cusp of the blockchain metaverse, which is basically a is a virtual-reality-based world where people can interact with each other.

He thinks that metaverses would enable us to almost feel like we’re there with each other in real life, as people can create avatars that look like them in real life, meet their friends, and communicate with others.

Talking about metaverse and games, he stated: 

“There will be many types of metaverses, and video games are one of them, for example. Fortnite will eventually evolve into a form of metaverse, or some derivative of it. World of Warcraft, you can imagine, will someday evolve into a form of metaverse. There will be video game versions.”

Nvidia is also testing the architecture for its new office buildings through a virtual reality based multiverse. This works by integrating physics laws to the multiverse and bringing it as close as possible to reality. CEO of Nvidia revealed that they will simulate everything in the metaverse to formulate plans on things like finding the best way to distribute the air conditioning to reduce energy consumption and train their robots using the metaverse too. Before anything is deployed in the real world, it would first be checked in virtual and augmented reality.
The Omniverse platform by Nvidia provides a similar virtual space for engineers and other professionals to collaborate on projects and ideas. Omniverse is already being used by a lot of big companies including BMW Group, Ericsson, Foster + Partners, and  WPP.

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