Oasys Partners with AGLD DAO to Revolutionize Blockchain Gaming

Oasys Partners with AGLD DAO to Revolutionize Blockchain Gaming

Oasys, a leading game-optimized blockchain, and Adventure Gold DAO (AGLD DAO) have officially partnered, aiming to redefine the realm of on-chain gaming and support the expansion of Autonomous Worlds. This partnership is set to enhance the gaming blockchain ecosystem significantly.

The Collaboration’s Vision

Leveraging Oasys’ advanced gas-free technology and AGLD DAO’s support for Autonomous Worlds, the joint venture seeks to support Oasys Chain and Lootverse developers in building decentralized digital landscapes. By integrating their unique capabilities, they aim to heighten gaming innovation, bolstering the transparency, user accessibility, and community-driven governance of blockchain systems.

AGLD DAO will commence its integration into the Oasys gaming environment with varied collaborative efforts. Key among them is their involvement in the upcoming GameWave Genesis Hackathon at Token2049, where, besides offering a prize sponsorship, AGLD DAO will introduce a theme centering on autonomy within the game and decentralized application (dApp) development.

Furthermore, AGLD DAO’s proprietary token, $AGLD, will soon be accessible on the Oasys platform. This integration will further open doors for synergized gaming experiences within the Adventure Gold DAO community.

“This partnership brings us closer to creating a developer-friendly and trusted environment for the Oasys Chain ecosystem,” said a key contributor from AGLD DAO. “We are confident in the immense potential to shape the future of blockchain gaming and drive the growth of the Autonomous World narrative.”

This strategic partnership adds to Oasys’ growing list of influential collaborations. Its commitment to aiding Autonomous Worlds’ creators in executing their vision cost-effectively is witnessing steady traction.

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