OG Ethereum NFT Collection CryptoSkulls Back In Surface

There are many examples of NFTs gaining popularity or value just because someone bought them for extraordinary prices or because they were the first ever to exist.

A “new” NFT Collection was recently found. Therefore everyone is excited and trying to get into this OG Project founded in 2019 called CryptoSkulls.

CryptoSkulls are 10,000 unique NFTs created by developer Alex Slayer after seeing the extraordinary success of CryptoPunks.

CryptoSkulls on OpenSea

CryptoSkulls underwent a slow start considering that not everyone was familiar with digital art. Slowly CryptoSkulls started to get recognized but not so until now. In the past four days, everyone started to seek out and search about these uknown NFTs.

Topping OpenSea’s 24-Hour sales volume chart on January 11, 2022, with 5,000 $ETH in sales ($16M) and continuing to do so by having a 6,800 $ETH volume with a floor price of 0.74 $ETH ($2,813) for each one. In contrast with LooksRare which 24-hour trading volume went down by 90% on CryptoSkulls.

CryptoSkulls also revealed its will to create a gamefying experience using these NFTs by creating Gold of Skulls. Each CryptoSkull will be a playable token in the game, still unknown how and when.

Together with the game’s announcement, the team also announced a Gold of Skulls token ($GSK), an ERC-20 standard token used for in-game rewards, development, and more.

Without a doubt, the spark begun with GaryVee looking for more information on the project.

Considered the second-ever 10,000-supply PFP collection on the Ethereum blockchain after CryptoPunks, the project has potential, and we hope it will turn out well. 

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