Otherside’s Legends of the Mara Goes Live Today

Otherside's Legends of the Mara Goes Live Today

Otherside has made an exciting revelation, launching the public beta for Yuga Labs’ strategy game, “Legends of the Mara” (LoTM), today, September 26. This highly anticipated first season promises players the opportunity to hatch Mara, while those possessing Koda can get an early start on fragment collection and hunting activities.

What’s in Store for Players?

In Legends of the Mara, the first season isn’t just about regular gameplay. The game offers a unique blend of hatching, farming, and hunting, allowing players to engage in a rich and varied virtual experience. Moreover, as the season progresses, rewards are up for grabs! At the end of each season, players can mint test version loot, which includes items aimed to enhance the LoTM gameplay.

Otherside Metaverse Integration

This new game launch isn’t an isolated event. The open beta of Legends of the Mara is a significant part of Yuga’s expansive Otherside metaverse. Adding another layer of intrigue to the launch is the option for Otherdeed land NFT holders. They can now claim an all-new Vessel NFT, further cementing the interconnectedness of the Yuga universe.