Pixels and Axie Infinity Launch a Creative Art Challenge

Pixels and Axie Infinity Launch a Creative Art Challenge

Pixels has joined forces with Axie Infinity to launch the Pixels x Axie Art Challenge. This event invites artists to use their creativity and diverse mediums to compete for a chance to win an assortment of prizes from both Pixels and Axie. The challenge is open to everyone and encourages multiple submissions, although each artist is eligible to win only a single prize.

A Creative Competition That Opens Doors for Artists

The competition is set to spark the community’s imagination by allowing participants to merge the artistic styles of Pixels and Axie. Whether through physical sketches or digital animations, the contest seeks entries that embody the theme of “Pixels meets Axie.” As part of celebrating the recent Pixels migration to the Ronin blockchain, the challenge is a homage to both digital communities.

Winning Prizes Await Artistic Talent

The prizes for the winners are particularly enticing, including rare collectibles such as 1 Origin axie, 1 MEO axie, 1 Japanese axie, and 2 Genesis Pets from Pixels. These were made possible thanks to contributions from Coco, Pixels, and Sky Mavis. Contestants can submit their art by using the #AxiePixels hashtag on the X platform and tagging the official accounts of Pixels and Axie Infinity.

How to Participate in the Pixels x Axie Art Challenge

The submission window for entries is from November 20th to November 26th. The winning entries will be selected based on their creativity, originality, and adherence to the given theme. The results will be announced following the closure of the submission period.