Polyient Games to Create an Interoperable NFT Ecosystem

Polyient Games

A new investment firm and startup ecosystem called Polyient Games aims to become a key player in the NFT ecosystem. The company is founded by Polyient Labs, an incubator for blockchain projects with Blockade Games (Neon District) and Cargo already in the portfolio.

Polyient Games will leverage internal venture creation and external investments through a unique hybrid model. It intends to build, support and launch NFT-driven startups.

The firm will focus on two major parts:

  • Core: Develop and fund startup companies that leverage NFTs.
  • Ecosystem: Collaboration between startups, stakeholders and third-party organizations.

Polyient Games is interested in various projects including Blockchain gaming, dapps, art, DeFi and prety much everything that can use non-fungible tokens technology.

A Neon District artwork created in a brainstorming season in Polyient Games Lab.
A Neon District artwork created in a brainstorming season in Polyient Games Lab.

The ecosystem is going to be chain agnostic with NFT interoperability regardless of the chain. Polyient Games aims to create a “Multiverse” of games through the partnered projects where in-game items can be played in various other games. This is a known idea that many others are already building including the Enjin’s Gaming Multiverse, MyCryptoHeroes MCH+ Initiative and more.

In addition, the firm will create the Polyient Games Founder’s Keys (PGFKs) that will provide lifetime benefits and rewards to the whole ecosystem. The sale of PGFK will come in the near future. It’s worth to mention that Polyient’s Founders Token is inspired by Neon District’s FT, a common practice followed by many games originating from the Gaming Multiverse.

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