Presale & 3D Demo of MegaCryptoPolis Are Live

MegaCryptoPolis is a decentralized city building blockchain game running on the Ethereum network and it is playable using any browser and mobile devices through Metamask or other Ethereum wallet dapps.

In-game assets such as buildings are ERC-721 tokens wich provides the benefits of true item ownership to the players.

The first step for the high-anticipated 3D version of the game has been finally made. Players are now able to download the 3D demo and have a first look of the decentralized city game until the final release.

About the MegaCryptoPolis Presale:

In total, 15,000 packs are available for purchase including pets, digital assets, and generation A rare citizens. Buying in early will jump start your gameplay in the 3D version of MegaCryptoPolis and you will be able to accumulat a bigger percentage of the daily prize pool through upgrades and more.

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About the Macroeconomy

New in-game assets are going to be available as the macroeconomy report stated in
MegaCryptoPolis 3D along with the already in existence gameplay. Let’s take a quick look.

CITIZENS & PETS that are ERC-721 Tokens used to maintain operations in MegaCryptoPolis buildings.

PRODUCTION Buildings will generate Ether and produce resources. Resources will used to construct other buildings.

OPEN MARKET Users have the true ownership of their assets and every asset has its own value. To buy or trade your items you can use the in-game market or other markets.

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