Proof Partners with Mona to Create “Moonbirds Monaverse”

Proof Partners with Mona to Create

Big news in the NFT world as Proof, an NFT collective, just teamed up with Mona, a 3D world-making platform. They’re building a wicked new virtual hangout called “Moonbirds Monaverse” just for the Moonbirds community!

The news broke during the Consensus conference, and they even showed off a sneak peek of the virtual world on the “100 PROOF” podcast. Mona’s gonna lend a helping hand with the tech stuff to make this universe bigger and better.

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“We will continue to provide unique experiences aimed at combining immersive art and technology to our holders,” Kevin Rose, co-founder and CEO of Proof said in a statement. “The world Mona has created unlocks a new way for Moonbirds holders to hang out and enjoy digital art together.”

If you didn’t know, Moonbirds is an awesome 10K PFP project that started in April 2022. Owning one of these NFTs gets you into their special community. This new virtual world is the next big thing for the Moonbirds crew, which has already made a whopping $644 million in sales!

So get ready for town halls, art reveals, viewing parties, and tons of other fun stuff in the Moonbirds Monaverse!