Rap/Martial Arts Festival “Knostalgia” is Coming in February From Passage

Passage, an ecosystem for building and connecting virtual and physical experiences in the metaverse, will be hosting the “Knostalgia” festival with Philippe Prosper, better known as “Rap Is A Martial Art.”

“Knostalgia” will be the first-ever rapids martial arts festival coming on February 25th in collaboration with famous artists. One of them is Philippe Prosper (RZA), an American rapper, actor, filmmaker, record producer, and the leader of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Other notable names are  Martial ClubCory Gunz, and Mickey Factz.

“It’s been a long-time dream of mine to merge the worlds of hip-hop and martial arts in one event. The Passage team shares my disruptive, out-of-the-box DNA. With top-notch 3D aesthetics and an unparalleled vision, they were the ideal partner and right hand to bring this experience to life. Hosting Knostalgia in the Passage metaverse is allowing us to create a one-of-a-kind event with global reach while maintaining a personal touch and delivering high artistic value.”

Rap Is A Martial Art

The festival events will be held online and joined via browser. Fans eager to participate can join the waitlist for tickets at RIAMAFest.com

“As Martial Club, we have long prided ourselves in being on the cutting edge of martial arts in cinema. We are excited to work with Passage and Rap Is A Martial Art to contribute to a future where martial arts and hip-hop can be experienced on a whole new level in a virtual space. Innovation is key to the survival and evolution of our art form, and we believe the metaverse is the platform on which we can elevate it to the highest level.”

Daniel Mah, co-founder of Martial Club.