Ready Games To Bring Decentralized Games and NFTs To Apple and Google App Stores

Ready Games To Bring Decentralized Games and NFTs To Apple and Google App Stores

Ready Games, a company founded back in 2016 aiming to build the first mobile Web3 tools and technologies to democratize access to game creation, is launching its new ecosystem.

Using an innovative token called $AURA and some new turnkey developer tools, Ready Games will quickly and easily pursue Web2 developers to change their tactics and explore the world of Web3.

Back in 2019, the company raised $3M in their native token sale, $AURA, with participation from top-tier investors led by BITKRAFT. Ready used the money raised from the token sale to expand its team and seek new goals in the mobile gaming industry. HashedTribeIOSGSpartanPolygonSnackClub, and Warburg Serres are some companies that participated in the token sale.

“There are over 3+Billion mobile players worldwide, currently a huge untapped market in Web3, Ready is tapping this market by allowing mobile gaming to enter and have a place in Web3 gamefi this finally allows a very diverse global demographic of developers, players and creators to finally enter Web3 and collaborate as a united community of game lovers.”

Christina Macedo, COO of Ready

In detail, Ready, with its experience of 10 years in engineering and changing Web2 gaming models to Web3, will provide developers the ability to transform mobile games easily with minimal development time and cost.

Ready’s ecosystem is like no other, offering a full suite of live operations for games on-chain while ensuring developers stay in compliance with app store terms. Meaning no external website links (foreign marketplaces) and a 15%-30% commission on every purchase of in-game content made within the games.

The ability to quickly integrate a shared utility token- $AURA- allows developers to go live with a compliant web3 game seamlessly while also learning Web3 capabilities. Note that in Ready’s Alpha version, mobile game developers enjoyed integration time frames of only five days, from web2 to web3. 

”Web3 presents a new paradigm for how games and their communities are built, distributed, and grown. It’s an exciting tech shift for all stakeholders involved, but it’s also new, daunting, and still carries significant friction for those looking to make the leap. Ready’s tools and token will make it a lot easier for mainstream developers to enter web3 gaming.”

Scott Rupp, Managing Founding Partner at BITKRAFT Ventures

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