Robot Battle P2E Game Starbots Temporarily Shuts Operations

Robot Battle P2E Game Starbots Temporarily Shuts Operations

Cryptocurrencies have suffered a brutal comedown, as you might have noticed. As a result, many blockchain game studios and startups are facing a liquidity crisis, with the only solution to avoid bankruptcy being another market rally.

The first-ever robot battle P2E game on Solana, Starbots, has reportedly shut down operations because of the declining market. The Starbots team announced the news via the game’s discord channel yesterday, Feb. 1.

Starbots CHIEF declared the unfortunate news, stating that the company couldn’t maintain itself as it faced many difficulties. However, the market’s decline was the most crucial one to consider!

The announcement:

Hello everyone, After a long time of operation, Starbots has achieved tons of success and special milestones on the way to complete the project, which has been accepted and participated by a large number of interested players.

Thank you, guys, so much for all your support and encouragement over the past year. During the period of the end of 2022, Starbots has faced many difficulties during project operation, simultaneously with the decline of the market, making what was already difficult even more difficult for us.

The end of the year is really tough when our team can’t have more revenue to maintain this project for longer, meanwhile, the amount of money to maintain this through each season is extremely huge.

Realizing these difficulties, the whole team together sought outside financial support but failed due to various difficulties in the negotiation process.

Along with those problems, the number of players is gradually decreasing with each season, so the cost of operation must also be carefully considered. In the near future, we will continue to look for reasonable measures and options to supplement the fund to maintain and develop the project.

So starting from today, February 1, 2023, Starbots will be temporarily closed until further announcement.

This was a very hard decision for the whole team. Thank all of you who have accompanied the project during the past, hope that everyone can keep good memories about each other, about Starbots. Goodbye, Starbosses!