Rockstar Games Co-Founder Backed AAA Game, Skyborne Legacy, Unveils Gameplay Teaser

Rockstar Games Co-Founder Backed AAA Game, Skyborne Legacy, Unveils Gameplay Teaser

Revolving Games, an AAA Web3 blockchain gaming company, has revealed an exclusive Skyborne Legacy gameplay trailer and the first look at their highly anticipated MMORPG Skyborn Legacy!

This announcement came to the spotlight following Revolving Games’ successful $25M raise and its special closed preview event for the 10,000 holders of “Pioneer Badges. 

You can find the Skyborne Legacy Teaser Trailer #1: Here!

“We’re extremely excited to show off an early sneak peek at the world and gameplay of Skyborne Legacy. A lot of passion and effort has gone into crafting the vision and look and feel of the game, and the team is excited to be integrating Web3 technology and ethos into our game development processes. We’re thrilled to share this first build with the community as we continue to hone Skyborne Legacy.”

Christopher Arrington, Game Director for Skyborne Legacy.”

Skyborne Legacy is a social world exploration and trading MMORPG inspired by classic Nintendo titles like The Legends of Zelda and Animal Crossing. Veteran game developers are building Skyborne Legacy with experience from leading gaming studios whose games are Star Trek Timelines, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and more.

“As an evolving world based around a player-controlled economy and active participation, Skyborne Legacy is not a ‘one-and-done’ game whose active development stops after its release; this is just the start. We will continue developing the in-game universe and expanding it with new content for months and years to come, and our roadmap fully reflects that.”

Di Dan, Design Director for Skyborne Legacy

Lastly, Revolving Games will host a live AMA session on their Twitch channel, answering the most inquisitive questions. As a bonus, all AMA participants will be rewarded with a special POAP NFT that will enable access to further exclusive perks, rewards, and airdrops in the near future.