Senzu World Joins The Enjin Ecosystem

Senzu world latest enjin adopter

The latest game to join the Enjin ecosystem is Senzu World, a play-to-earn adventure RPG game that uses virtual tree planting to reforest the world in real life.

Inside the game, players plant NFT trees that also impact the real world by helping various activities like helping reforest, recover lost habitats, and support wildlife. The game donates 20% of profits of the NFT transactions to a global reforestation organization called One Tree Planted. 

Senzu World is currently in Closed Beta. An open Beta is expected in Q3 2022.

Senzu World fits with the Efinity blockchain because it provides an eco-friendly ecosystem with a free carbon footprint, reliable and easy-to-use tools, and a cross-chain bridge.

The Enjin Adopter Program is massively growing by constantly adding new games and already have a community of nearly 100 developers building NFT projects and blockchain games. The program offers support to developers through collaborations, marketing exposure, funding, and more.