Sky Mavis Partners with Act Games to Bring Popular Titles to Ronin Blockchain

Sky Mavis Partners with Act Games to Bring Popular Titles to Ronin Blockchain

Sky Mavis, the company behind the blockbuster game Axie Infinity, has announced a strategic partnership with South Korean game studio Act Games. This collaboration aims to port over popular Japanese and South Korean game titles to Sky Mavis’s dedicated blockchain platform, Ronin.

Act Games, known for its collaborations with top-tier Japanese intellectual properties, such as Hello Kitty and Zoids, is set to begin this digital transition with its latest offering, Zoids Wild Arena. The game, a blockchain trading card game, draws inspiration from the Zoids franchise and is poised to leverage Ronin’s technology to bring a new level of engagement to its sizable fan base. With over three million downloads across their existing titles, Act Games is no stranger to success and hopes to replicate this in the blockchain arena.

The partnership is a fusion of Act Games’ proven track record in creating games that resonate with fans and Sky Mavis’s expertise in blockchain technology. Trung Nguyen, CEO of Sky Mavis, highlighted the importance of integrating web3 technology with established intellectual properties to enhance the gaming experience for devoted fans. Meanwhile, Viggo Chung of ACT Games emphasized the intention to transcend beyond technology, viewing blockchain as an avenue to elevate the gaming experience fundamentally.

Future Ventures and Player Incentives

Looking ahead, Act Games has set its sights on releasing a new wave of casual games featuring cultural icons like Hello Kitty and Friends, slated for 2024. As an immediate incentive, players who transition to the Ronin wallet in anticipation of the November 8 migration will be rewarded with exclusive Zoids NFTs and a token airdrop. This initiative demonstrates both companies’ commitment to not only bringing games to the blockchain but also ensuring that players are part of the rewarding journey.

A Global Expansion with Exclusions

Zoids Wild Arena is currently undergoing beta testing and will be globally launched with the notable exception of Japan, China, and Korea. This strategic exclusion points to a focused approach to market penetration, perhaps taking into account the unique gaming landscapes and regulatory environments of these countries.