Snapchat Starts Testing NFTs With AR Functionalities

We’ve seen social media giants joining the race of Web3 and NFTs. Snapchat has just announced that the photo-sharing app might support NFTs in the future as the company begins testing these features.

Previously, Twitter and Instagram announced support for NFTs, and now Snapchat is set to join the Web3. If the testing passes, we might see our NFTs integrated into the “snaps” we take and send. The feature might even allow the users to turn their NFTs into Augmented Reality (AR) lenses.

With this, artists will now be able to showcase their NFTs as AR filters.

Snapchat hasn’t revealed any official date for the feature, but we might see this feature go live as soon as August. The feature will be first available for a limited number of users to see how it performs, then It will go live on the app for the mass audience of Snapchat. 

When it comes to social media platforms and NFTs, Twitter was the first to allow its users to showcase their verified NFTs on their Twitter profile photos. Instagram also announced a similar mechanism, but it’s still in the testing phase. 

Even though the so-called crypto winter continues, it’s not stopping the giants from joining the Web3 and working for mass crypto adoption

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