NFTs Coming to Playstation? Sony Filled a New Patent

Sony is Investigating The World of Digital Ownership

In this expanding world we are living, everyone, and by that, I mean “everyone!” is trying to get a piece of the cake by getting involved with the blockchain and every benefit that comes with it.

According to Gamesual, Sony Interactive Entairtainment Inc. had previously (07.05.2021) filed a patent regarding “Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Tokens on a Distributed Ledger.” This patent indicates Sony’s plans to explore in-game digital asset ownership. Sony might supposedly track the distribution history of in-game digital assets or NFTs, like cosmetics and characters, by assigning tokens to them.

Sony is a company recognized across the gaming industry with its groundbreaking titles like The Last of Us 2, Bloodborne, and of course, the famous PlayStation gaming console.

The patent says the following: A system and method for tracking digital assets associated with video games. The digital assets may be in-game digital assets, such as in-game items or characters. The digital assets may be video game digital media assets representing moments of gameplay of a video game, such as video clips or images. The digital asset is created, and a distributed ledger tracking a history of the digital asset is created and stored across devices. A unique token for the digital asset can include a unique identifier and metadata identifying properties of the digital asset. Changes to properties of the digital asset, such as ownership, visual appearance, or metadata, can be identified in a request to update the history. A new block can be generated for, and appended to, the distributed ledger identifying the changes to the history of the digital asset. The new block can include hashes of previous blocks.

What do you think? Will Sony become the next Mark Zuckerberg spending billions on “nothing,” or will it scale the benefits of Web3 and try to make a healthy and fun gaming ecosystem using Web3?