Vulcan Forged Appoints Chris Bowden As The New Chief Communications Officer

Vulcan Forged Appoints Chris Bowden As The New Chief Communications Officer

Following the recent acquisition of Ex-EA Sports and Immutable marketing manager David Daumas as the new CMO, Vulcan Forged, a leading blockchain gaming studio and ecosystem, announced it has appointed a new Chief Communication Manager (CCO), Chris Bowden.

Chris Bowden has true experience in the marketing field, working for many big companies such as EA Sports and Immutable. Additionally, Chris helped Immutable reach a $2.5B valuation in 2022 when he joined from $2M. Bowden had a successful 9-year career at Electronic Arts, localizing and culturing marketing strategies in many countries worldwide for some of the most recognizable franchises, including Battlefield and FIFA.

We’re delighted to have Chris and David join us. Vulcan Forged strives to be the best in the industry, and that’s why we are hiring only seasoned, experienced and brightest workers in the gaming industry, CEO of Vulcan Forged Jamie Thomson noted. Chris’s and David’s wealth of knowledge at AAA game studios and Web3 gaming blockchains make the perfect match for our marketing needs going forward.”

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Vulcan Forged is a gaming company that started with only two people and currently has an entire dedicated team of blockchain and gaming enthusiasts. One of its famous games is Vulcan Verse, an immersive MMO RPG built for gamers by gamers.

Despite the economic state of the Web3 market, Vulcan Forged is not discouraged yet is continuously building under these harsh circumstances we are currently experiencing.

“Empowering all gamers with true digital asset ownership is a revolution I am immensely passionate about, and I am thrilled to be helping Vulcan Forged achieve this exciting future for our industry.”

Chris Bowden