$15,000 Competition from Color Shifter on December 15th

The Android game Color Shifter by Vishan Studios announced a competition for the blockchain gaming community where players are going to claim a prize pool of $15,000 by playing the game.

While there is no much information released yet for the competition, Vishan Studio invites gamers to download Color Shifter through Google Play and get familiar with the android game prior the competition launch.

Download Color Shifter Now

What is Color Shifter

Color shifter blockchain game

Color shifter is an android brain game where people play and receive ACT Coins and Heluss coins as rewards.

The game uses an advanced reward system to fulfill this purpose. To boost their earnings, players can use in-app purchases to buy power-ups. These in-app-purchases can be different types of balls that have different functional and/or visual properties or can be power-ups that help boost the score.

The in-game wallet content can be redeemed against actual currencies into your crypto wallet in terms of Achain (ACT) 

We have been occasionally playing Color Shifter, the game is ideal for casual mobile gamers who want something simple, yet addictive game to play in their free time.

Compete with your friends to see who can score the highest.

Color Shifter enjoys a 4,3 Stars rating from the community.

Since we played the game, we decided to record a gameplay video, take a look below.

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