Vulcan Forged Reveals David Daumas As The First C-Level Hire 

David defines himself as a thoughtful leader with a strategic mindset!
Vulcan Forged Reveals David Daumas As The First C-Level Hire

Vulcan Forged, a leading blockchain gaming studio based in Athens, was excited to announce through its Discord channel on Nov. 6 that David Daumas, a professional in the marketing field, has been selected as the new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Vulcan Forged.

David Daumas is famous across the marketing industry for his experience and marketing skills which formerly earned him many jobs in C-level positions. David has previously worked as the acquisition director at EA Sports, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Immutable, and Marketing Director at Absolute Labs.

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David will be in charge of many important marketing and brand actions, bringing many partnership ideas to the table with the help of the connections he has gained throughout the 12 years of his experience as a C-level hire. In detail, he will handle the following:

All marketing KPIs, Product Marketing including Product Research, GTM, in-product growth loops, consumer insights, audience segmentation, product analytics, product partnerships & integrations, Brand Marketing including brand identity, brand positioning and voice, brand sentiment, brand guidelines, brand partnerships, brand championing, Growth Marketing including onboarding, user base growth, user retention, customer lifecycle, cross-channel marketing, paid media & optimization, Marketing budget & optimization, Marketing team leadership, building and mentoring.