Ethereum Still Leads The Way in Blockchain Gaming

You take a good look around and everything seems so indie, and that’s the truth. While we are heading towards mainstream adoption with giant gaming studios joining the scene, we need more and better titles, scalable blockchains to host our beloved games and a convenient way to convert gamers into blockchain gamers.

Or am i getting this wrong? Do we really need to convert gamers into blockchain gamers, or blockchain games need to be more like regular games?

Learn about ETH, then get some ETH, install Metamask, read our beginner’s guide to Crypto Games, that’s a lot to do and learn.

Thankfully, some games make the onboarding process very easy, specifically, Enjin Games only need to download Enjin Wallet and link it with the game while 0x Games use Arkane’s Network technology which applies to various blockchains, with NEO being the latest.

Gaming on Ethereum

No, you wouldn’t choose to create a game completely on Ethereum blockchain, the network fees and the transaction times makes gaming almost impossible. Ethereum 2.0 might not arrive fully until 2022, so we won’t gonna see any MMO games anytime soon. On the other hand, the most popular blockchain game, MyCryptoHeroes is built upon Ethereum and the MCH+ Initiative uses ERC721 Tokens to create interoperability between games.

As reported by DappRadar, gaming on Ethereum is up 123% for 2019.

While we almost never comment token prices, whoever sold at 300$ did the right thing, after that point, the price kept falling.

The following graph provided by DappRadar shows what happened to Ethereum the past year. Each dot is a single day,

What about other Blockchains?

While TRON, which is a direct competitor of Ethereum is gaining momentum, there is not much action when it comes to gaming. Only a few games like Cropbytes available and some under development like Pizza Heroes. It’s worth to mention that TRON is the king of Gambling with dozen of dapps.

EOS because of the CPU problem (EIDOS Token) which seems to be a DDOS network attack has lost a significant user base and many of its dapps have moved away to other blockchains, with the number one choice to be WAX.

Prospectors as well as the whole ITAM Games portofolio have announced to migrate to WAX.

What will happen next? Time will tell. Until then, we hope to see great games released this year!

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