Scout For Players, Collect and Play


Build your team using your NFTs and earn rewards while playing.


Own unique Player Cards and use your football knowledge to level them up.


Players have the True Item Ownership of their NFTs and can use them to form teams Trade or Sell them

About Sorare

Sorare is a fantasy league crypto game where players own licensed soccer NFTs in the form of Cards. Unlike in real life football where a team is formed by 11 players in Sorare you need only 5. Users have the true item ownership of their cards and can use them in the game, trade or sell them. Each player will be available in 3 rarity types 100 rares, 10 super rares and 1 unique.

The Gameplay

Each NFT belongs to one of the 4 available positions: forward, midfielder, defender and goalkeeper. To form a team you will need one player in each position. A player can create multiple teams but each NFT can be used in only one. You can select a captain for your team of 5 and score some goals in the field! Sorare (SO5) is a game of 5, making it afforable to get a team.

If you are a Soccer Fan and a Crypto Gaming enthusiast then Sorare is definitely a game you should play!

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Have you spent endless time on playing Football Manager? Do you want to own Football players NFT trading cards and form your own team which will actually belong to you? Join now Sorare and become the best manager on the blockchain.

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