Spider Tanks Epic Arena Challenge: Arachnid August Takes Flight

Spider Tanks Epic Arena Challenge: Arachnid August Takes Flight

Gala Games recently unveiled an exhilarating two-week challenge named “Arachnid August,” set to test the mettle of Pilots from the entire Earthen Cluster. Commencing on August 21st and concluding on September 4th, the event promises various rewards and a significant Honor boost for successful participants.

Event Highlights

Participants will be immersed in competitive arena battles for fourteen days, vying to ascend the reward tiers. With each victory, players enhance their chances of receiving component supply drops and randomly selected Tank Part prizes. It’s a golden opportunity, especially for those who thrived in the “May Mayhem” competition. An additional perk? Achieving wins during the challenge grants participants an extra Honor point, maxing out at 200 additional Honor points.

Dive Deep into the Challenge Tiers

The first week’s spotlight will be on ‘The Stag‘ while the second week will shift its focus to ‘The Soldier.’ Participants progressing through the reward tiers will garner guaranteed component supplies and an entry into a lottery for Tank Parts.

For instance, securing Gold Tier rewards during the initial week entitles one to the cumulative rewards of Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers combined. Consequently, they can accumulate 30 Arachnium and 3000 Bolts. Notably, winners of a particular giveaway tier will obtain the Tank Part designated for that tier and the parts from preceding tiers. Those who miss out on winning have their names automatically shifted to the drawing for the next lower tier.

Schedules and Acknowledgements

Both weeks of the challenge will span uninterrupted for seven days each. Week 1 initiates and concludes on Mondays at 9 am PT. Pilots can verify their progress on the NFTGuilds leaderboard, which will be accessible on Discord before the event’s onset. The organizers have extended their gratitude to NFTGuilds for their consistent backing. On the other hand, Week 2 picks up immediately after the first, ensuring another thrilling week of combats. Winners can expect their rewards soon after each week wraps up.

Rapid Honor Boost

The event introduces a fast track for Pilots to elevate their Honor levels. Under normal circumstances, raising Honor is a gradual journey. But throughout “Arachnid August,” a victory in the arena will fetch players an extra Honor point, making it feasible to attain a considerable boost within a condensed timeframe.