Splinterlands Chaos Legion Packs & Second Airdrop Coming in December

Splinterlands Packs Sale

Splinterlands, one of the most played games in the industry announced its next packs sale after successfully completing the first round of the Chaos Legion packs that boasted $1 million in sales.

Vouchers were used in the presale to unlock the ability to purchase packs. A Voucher airdrop system was introduced to give everyone a fair shot at possessing one. Players that staked SPS qualified for the airdrops.

Phase 2 Pack Sale

The second phase sale will begin on December 8th until January 12th, 2022.

Each pack in the sale will still require a Voucher, not including the bonus packs. A total of 2 million Vouchers will be airdropped to players depending on their SPS staked in the system. The airdrop will start on December 8th and end on January 6th,2022.

From January 7th, 2022, and onwards, voucher tokens will continue to be awarded to SPS stakers at a rate of 20,000 per day. They will be used for various rewards and promotions in the future.

Splinterlands Chaos Legion
Splinterlands Chaos Legion Packs & Second Airdrop Coming in December 29

General Sale

The Chaos Legion general sale will start on January 17th, 2022, at 17:00 UTC. Voucher tokens will not be required in the General Sale to buy packs but will be required to receive bonus packs along with the big ones.

Twelve million packs, plus the unsold packs of the second sale, will be available at the price of $4.00 per pack.

How to buy packs

From now on, Chaos Legion packs will only be purchased with credits in the Splinterlands shop. This means that players who want to use DEC or SPS to buy packs can use these tokens to purchase credits in their accounts.

Visit Splinterlands and get your packs.