Starbucks Launches The Anticipated Oddysey Beta With Polygon

Starbucks Launches The Anticipated Oddysey Experience Beta With Polygon

Flashback to September 2022 when Starbucks, one of the most famous coffee companies in the world, announced that it partnered with Polygon to launch a Web3 experience called Starbucks Oddysey.

Fast forward to Dec. 8, Starbucks announced that the time has finally come. Starbucks Oddysey beta is LIVE!

Starbucks Oddysey is a Web3-powered experience that will see many waitlist members unlock exciting experiences. These members will be able to participate in a series of thrilling and fun activities called “Journeys.” By completing each Journey, users will be rewarded with Oddysey Points and “Journey Stamps” (NFTs), unlocking access to various benefits within Starbucks.

Additionally, in early 2023, Starbucks Oddysey members will be able to use the Starbucks Odyssey marketplace to purchase unique limited-edition Starbucks-related Stamps (NFTs). Sign-up to participate.