StormX Taps Into NFTs


StormX, a crypto cashback app is moving into the NFT Market with the sale of shrug emoji NFT. The sale has begun yesterday, July 11th with 216 out of 500 NFTs left.

To boost sales, Chainlink Price feeds are integrated into the StormX so that the slippage is reduced and to ensure the removal of any central point of manipulation or failure. With this integration, users can purchase shrug NFT in ETH, STMX or USDT at fixed rates. 

It is decided that almost 500 copies of the shrug NFT will be made and sold through the method of reverse index numbering. It means that the cheapest copy that will be sold first will be no. 500 and so on. 

StormX is an application and chrome extension that allow users from different countries, a total of 173 in number to earn cryptos when they shop from over 800 retailers, including, Samsung, Nike, Ebay, Microsoft, and Uber. The users of this application can expect to get up to 87.5% of cashback in Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), StormX (STMX), etc. StormX has already paid out rewards worth more than $3 million. 

The Chainlink Price Feeds’ Integration was done with a motive that the users will now be able to reliably purchase StormX NFTs along with the existing cryptos at fixed rates such as in USDT. This integration was quite straightforward and it will ultimately provide the users with great user experience. 

Chainlink Price Feeds enables the StromX ecosystem to expand by using the security and reliability and it also aims to further expand the product suite soon.

Visit the Stormx NFT platform.