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Cryptospells Card Sale Starts Tommorow. Join the presale and claim NFTs playable in multiple MCH+ games.

CryptoSpells Card Sale Starts Tomorrow

The second card sale of the Japanese blockchain card trading game CryptoSpells starts tomorrow. Participants can purchase Legendary and Gold cards that will...

5 Crypto Collectible Games to Play

Items in crypto collectible games are non-fungible tokens. With the term non-fungible, we mean that each one has its own unique characteristics...
Weapons in Chibi Fighters

Chibi Fighters: Weapons Update Arrived

Weapons are now available in Chibi Fighters, You can hold them or trade them.

Chibi Fighters – The Mini Blockchain Assassins

Chibi Fighters is around since egamers.io first introduced to the public, the famous crypto collectible game had made so much progress since it's early...