The Axie and Ronin Moku Challenge!

The Axie and Ronin Moku Challenge!

Moku, an innovative gaming platform, has recently reintroduced its thrilling gacha challenges, focusing on the popular Axie and Ronin games. Participants have the exciting opportunity to complete various quests via Moku and win an array of prizes, ranging from Mystic axies, Origin axies, to RON tokens, and more. Each day promises new challenges as the spotlight shifts to different games or experiences, beginning with Origins.

Participation and Prizes

To join the fun, users are encouraged to create a Moku account and dive into the challenges. The upgraded gacha portal is now live, featuring new quests loaded with legendary rewards. These include Mystic axies, a CyberKongz Genkai, Origin axies, and RON tokens. The structure of the challenge is straightforward – complete the quests to earn a chance at winning these fantastic prizes.

Daily Quest Rotation

The Moku challenge ensures a dynamic and engaging experience by refreshing the quests daily, each time featuring a different aspect of the Axie or Ronin games. This approach not only brings variety to the challenge but also encourages participants to explore and enjoy different facets of the gaming world they might not be familiar with, potentially uncovering new favorites and hidden gems along the way.

For those ready to take on the challenge, the process is simple. Visit, set up or log into your Moku account, and start completing quests to earn points. These points can be spent in the gacha or Moku shop, bringing participants closer to winning the coveted prizes.