The Hundreds Breaks New Ground with a Virtual Metaverse Store Experience

The Hundreds Breaks New Ground with a Virtual Metaverse Store Experience

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, LA-based streetwear brand, The Hundreds, has unveiled a revolutionary metaverse version of its flagship Fairfax store, offering an immersive shopping experience for its customers. The venture, developed in cooperation with the platform, enables users to shop and socialize in a virtual realm.

This innovative move by The Hundreds is the latest example of its forward-thinking ethos, underscoring its drive to offer customers a unique buying experience. Partnering with, a platform known for aiding brands in creating immersive and social experiences, The Hundreds has digitally reproduced its Fairfax store using the latest Unreal Engine 5 technology. In this virtual space, visitors can explore clothing items and even make direct purchases.

Reflecting on this significant initiative, Bobby Hundreds, the brand’s co-founder, stated that they were recreating their Fairfax neighborhood in the metaverse for their community. He emphasized that this unique digital experience was designed for their community to come together, shop, and socialize.

He detailed, “We’re recreating our Fairfax neighborhood in the metaverse right now with our friends at some. place. We’re building out our stores how we imagined them to be in the metaverse, and this unique digital experience is meant for our community to come together, shop and socialize, rather than gamify,”

The feedback from early users has been overwhelmingly positive, with several Twitter testimonials lauding the smooth functioning of the virtual shopping platform. At the moment, beta access is already available for Adam Bomb Squad, Badam Bomb Squad, and NFT holders, thanks to the use of token-gates, a technology providing access to non-fungible token holders.

This digital experience extends beyond the Los Angeles location, offering a revived interpretation of The Hundreds stores in Santa Monica, New York, and San Francisco, regardless of their current physical status. Since its inception in a small Rosewood office in 2003, The Hundreds has grown into a widely recognized brand, known for its unconventional marketing strategies and distinctive streetwear designs.