The Mirror Raises $2.3M in a Pre-Seed Funding to Support Upcoming Indie Developers

The Mirror Raises $2.3M in Pre-Seed Funding to Support Upcoming Indie Developers

Indie game developer The Mirror has reportedly raised $2.3M in a pre-seed funding round led by Founders Fund to simplify game development for independent creators and studios.

Abstract Ventures, Florida Funders, Konvoy Ventures, and Palm Tree Crew also participated in the pre-funding round.

The Mirror will use the raised capital to support and fund indie studios and individual creators that cannot access easy-to-use toolkits and advanced technology needed to build a successful game. The Mirror offers cutting-edge, ready-to-use features to its users, including multiplayer networking and support for community-based user-generated content.

About The Mirror

The Mirror is an all-in-one game and game development studio that is designed to empower developers and 3D creators that lack experience, creativity, and equipment.

Some of the features The Mirror offers to its users are the ability to create games and assets with your friend or colleague (Co-Build with Friends), control everything within the space from gravity collision and physics (Physics Sandbox), and features that have limited or no code in them (Built for all Skill Levels).