The Sandbox Announces Two Land Sales and New Virtual Neighborhoods

The Sandbox Announces Two Land Sales and New Virtual Neighborhoods

2D Metaverse, The Sandbox, just announced via its Twitter account the launch of some new exciting virtual neighborhoods themed around 14 major brand partners in addition to two LAND sales.

The Sandbox officially announced that one big LAND sale will be executed in three waves

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’, WAVE 1: This neighborhood is California-themed, where brands will be hosted with a sunny west coast feel. 

Faze Clan, SnoopDogg, Playboy, OpenSea, Tony Hawk, and The Marathon are close to the available for purchase land on November 24th at 1 PM UTC. California Dreamin’ neighborhood has:

  • 237 Regular LANDs (1,011 $SAND)
  • 68 Premium LANDs (4,683 $SAND)
  • 21 ESTATE Auctions 

THE GALLERIA, WAVE 2: This neighborhood is in the chic urban zone, where fashion, media, and hospitality live. Paris Hilton, TIME, L’officiel, and Cipriani maintain LAND within this area. The sale will start on December 1st. The Galleria neighborhood has:

  • 303 Standard LANDs (1,011 $SAND)
  • 44 Premium LANDs (4,683 $SAND)
  • 15 ESTATE Auctions

VOXEL MADNESS, WAVE 3: The Sandbox will end the LAND sale with style. This neighborhood will feature cool web3 brands like Voxies and Dogami. The sale will start in 2023, with users being required to sign up via a raffle which also opens in 2023. The Voxel Madness neighborhood has:

  • 155 Standard LANDs (1,011 $SAND)
  • 22 Premium LANDs (4,683 $SAND)
  • 4 ESTATE Auctions


How to Participate in The Sandbox Sale

First of all, The Sandbox announced a new LAND sale system in which users have a fair chance of participating. By saying so, The Sandbox will allow its users to participate in regular and premium LAND sales using raffles.

A KYCed account and a wallet with at least 1,011 SAND are also required to participate. This will allow the developers to validate that all entrants have enough SAND on the Polygon network to purchase a LAND in their account.

According to The Sandbox, “The LANDs included in each wave, upon purchase, will be distributed randomly among the pool of buyers that won the raffle. Regular raffle winners receive the opportunity to buy a Regular LAND, and Premium winners receive the opportunity to buy Premium LAND.”

For more information, head to this article.