The Sandbox Summer Jam LAND Sale Begins Tomorrow

The sandbox sale

The Sandbox is celebrating the summer with an exciting new sale starting at 1 PM UTC tomorrow (June 24). The summer Jam LAND sale will be divided into five waves that will run for five weeks. New areas of the game’s map will be unveiled to players with each wave, featuring new partners, themes, LANDS, and activities.

More than 10,000 LANDS will be up for sale during this summer sale. 1300 Premium LANDS will be offered, each one having five special NFTs and prime locations. Five of these special NFTs will be revealed in the upcoming days.

Wave 1

The first wave is launching tomorrow, and it will have 810 LANDS and 270 Premium LANDS with two major NFT projects:


It will be a digital art project where artists will be able to mint portraits as NFTs through an art gallery in the form of a LAND inside the Sandbox metaverse. Each NFTs value would be based on collectors’ interest, and the owner would be able to give any the NFT any name of their choice.


ZED RUN is about digital horse races. Players would be able to use their racehorse on digital racing tracks in the metaverse.

Wave 2

Beginning on July 1, at 1 PM UTC, the second wave has 1,050 LANDS and 350 Premium LANDS and two new partners to scout.


This passionate collector who won many auctions during the Euphoria LAND sale will be acquiring an ESTATE in The Sandbox.

Gutter Cats

The Gutter Cats are a gang of some 3,000 cats that will take a 3×3 ESTATE in the Sandbox metaverse for some cool adventures.

Wave 3

The 3rd wave is launching on July 8, at 1 PM UTC. 300 LANDS and 100 Premium LANDS will be available in this wave. Two teams will also collaborate to develop new games, and a new character will be introduced.


Collaboration between two game-creating teams in Creator Fund, Light Trail Adventures, and Sand Rush will bring new and exciting experiences to the Sandbox metaverse.

New Character

McDull – the new 3D cartoon character – will be traveling from Hong Kong to the Sandbox metaverse.

Wave 4

The fourth wave begins on July 15, at 1 PM UTC – featuring 840 LANDS and 280 Premium LANDS that will be up for sale around three new partners:


Zenft has created around 8,888 unique AR & VR bonsai. They are acquiring LANDS in Sandbox metaverse to set up Zen gardens now.


This project will step in the Sandbox metaverse during the 4th wave and enable players to customize and update their avatars without having to mint them over and over again.


This project will be based on a mysterious key with more than 100 use cases in different metaverses.

Wave 5

The last wave is going to be on July 22, at 1PM UTC and it will be all about music. Sandbox will end the event with a bang with their 4 partners:


A Canadian DJ will be joining the metaverse to bring some summer vibes.


MODA members aim to bridge music lovers and creators through a decentralized platform. They will bring Emanate to Sandbox to expand their DAO. This will give music lovers a chance to find new music and enable creators to monetize their music.

Mystery Musician & Mystery Partner

A jazzy band will be doing a digital concert on the metaverse, but no names have been disclosed yet. There is also a new partner whose name is yet to be revealed publicly.

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