The University of Tokyo to Offer Engineering Courses in The Metaverse

The University of Tokyo to Offer Engineering Courses in The Metaverse

Japan again leads in the tech world as one of the most prestigious institutes, The University of Tokyo, has announced offering engineering courses in metaverse technology. 

Also known as Todai, The University of Tokyo will launch educational programs that will take place in the virtual world. The report was published by The Asahi Shimbun, one of the four largest newspapers in Japan. 

According to the report, the programs will be offered to range from high school students to working professionals. Todai’s Faculty of Engineering will offer these courses to a wide range of students. However, the regular faculty will not be teaching these special courses. 

With the help of these courses, junior and senior high school students will be introduced to the concepts of digital transformation and the newly-emerging virtual world. Priority will be given to female students to boost their representation in engineering and tech. 

This new project by Todai has been launched to address the lack of skilled individuals working on advanced technologies and digital transformation. 

The institution is excited to educate more and more people about emerging technologies such as blockchain and virtual worlds. According to University officials, “anyone, regardless of age, gender, social standing and area of residence, can learn about engineering and information science.”

As of yet, no one has come out to ensure the inclusion of NFTs or cryptocurrencies, but since we know that where there’s the metaverse, there have to be NFTs and cryptocurrencies involved. 

Junior and senior high-school students will be given an introduction the Web3 and potential roadmaps for becoming Web3 engineers – they are high in demand right now. Along with on-site education, they will have the option to study online as well. 

Those already in the workforce, along with university students, will be offered advanced courses in Artificial Intelligence (AI), next-gen technologies, and entrepreneurial education. 

The Metaverse And Japan

We’ve seen Japan being home to emerging technologies, and the metaverse is no exception. Over the past few months, we’ve observed the nation find interesting use-cases for this new technology.

A virtual support room was established in the SecondLife Metaverse platform by the JACFA, a support organization from Fukuoka – Monday, reported by Japan Today.

The group specializes in facilitating Hikkikomori – people who refuse to leave their homes – back into the real world. 

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