Thetan Arena Joins The “Football Fiesta” Prediction Campaign by BNB Chain

Participate and get rewarded from a $500,000 prize pool.
Thetan Arena Joins The

The biggest event in the football world is coming to our television in less than two weeks. So, in celebration of the World Cup 2022 hosted by Qatar, Thetan Arena is joining the “Football Fiesta” event by BNB Chain, offering its users a chance to win big from a $500,000 prize pool.

“Football Fiesta” is a prediction campaign for sports fans. Community members from Thetan Arena and other BNB Chain partners will predict the four last matches of the World Cup by using Glory Pass, a specially designed NFT required to participate!

In detail:

  • Only Glory Pass holders can participate in the campaign
  • Holders will predict the last four matches of the World Cup (Two Semi-Finals, the Little-Final, and the Final)
  • Thetan Arena will distribute 3,000 Glory Passes starting tomorrow, November 9, to December 10
  • In addition to all that, holders will also be eligible to receive an NFT Hero from Glory Box found in the marketplace from November 14 to December 14

How to Claim a Glory Pass From Thetan Arena

For community members to claim a Glory Pass, they are first required to do the following:

  • Go to the landing page of Galxe and find Thetan Arena’s section
  • Complete the tasks from Thetan Arena, consisting
    • Check-in on the marketplace
    • Follow Thetan Arena on Twitter
  • Verify the completed tasks to activate the “Mint Glory Pass” button

Additionally, each user can claim only one Glory Pass.