Thetan Arena’s “Unlock NFT Power” Program is Now Live

Thetan arena: a closer look

Thetan Arena is now letting other brands integrate their digital arts into the Thetan game ecosystem. 

On their Twitter account, the gaming studio has posted that they are now officially launching the “Unlock NFT Power” program that’ll let brands incorporate their NFTs into the Thetan game. 

According to Thetan Arena, the purpose of this program is to promote brand awareness with the help of its ecosystem.

The Official Launch documentation states that there are two purchase packages for brands:

  • Customizing Hero Skins
  • Customizing Cosmetics

If you’re a brand and wanna take a look at the detailed program, Click Here

Thetan Arena unlock nfts program
Thetan Arena’s “Unlock NFT Power” Program is Now Live 29

Also, they’ve shared a link for brands if they want to apply for the program and incorporate their digital art into the Thetan Game ecosystem. Apply Now

Thetan Arena wants to engage with the community by integrating more and more brands into its ecosystem. According to their presentation, they want to incorporate diversity into the Thetan World. 

This program will also help other brands network with each other. Theta Arena currently has more than 23M users – this will allow a huge audience to see what the brands are promoting.