Ubisoft Launches New Avatars in The Sandbox Metaverse

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  • Ubisoft introduces NFT avatars in The Sandbox, featuring characters from its new Netflix series Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix and popular games.
  • Ethereum scaling network Polygon to launch a collection of unique player avatars as NFTs.
  • Ubisoft expands its blockchain presence with various initiatives, including in-game NFT items and partnerships.

Ubisoft’s Innovative Step into Blockchain with NFT Avatars

Ubisoft, the powerhouse behind titles like Assassin’s Creed, is diving deep into the blockchain world with NFT avatars for The Sandbox, a virtual world platform. This move integrates characters from Ubisoft’s latest Netflix series, “Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix,” and icons like Rayman into the blockchain sphere. The Sandbox, a platform accessible on cell phones and Microsoft Windows, is becoming a new digital stage for Ubisoft’s characters.

Ubisoft’s Bold Blockchain Initiatives

Polygon, a network that enhances Ethereum transactions, joins Ubisoft in this venture. They’re introducing 1,866 unique NFT avatars, including versions of Rayman, Jade, and Pey’j from the classic “Beyond Good & Evil.” These avatars boast a futuristic, cyberpunk style akin to the animated series. The pricing for these avatars is yet to be announced, with minting planned for November 29.

Ubisoft had earlier released Sandbox avatars based on its Rabbids franchise, priced at 100 SAND. This new initiative follows Ubisoft’s trend of integrating its gaming world into blockchain.

Expanding Horizons in Web3 and Gaming

Ubisoft’s involvement in Web3 is not new. They’ve recently announced a free Ethereum NFT drop for their upcoming game “Champions Tactics” on the Oasys blockchain. Further, they’ve partnered with Immutable, known for Immutable X and zkEVM networks. This is part of Ubisoft’s broader strategy in the blockchain arena, which began with in-game Tezos NFTs in “Ghost Recon: Breakpoint” in late 2021. Ubisoft’s support extends to ecosystems like Cronos and Hedera, collaborations with NFT games like Sorare, and issuing NFT avatars on platforms like Reddit.

Ubisoft’s journey into the blockchain and NFT space signifies a significant shift in the gaming industry. By combining iconic characters and innovative technology, they are pioneering a new frontier in digital ownership and gaming experiences. As Ubisoft continues to expand its blockchain initiatives, it paves the way for new possibilities in gaming and digital interaction.