WAGMI Partners With Adidas To Launch an NFT Collection

The NFT collection will be based upon English League One club Crawley Town. The NFT collection is dubbed “WAGMI United” and will be launched on July 6th, 2022. 

Those who hold a WAGMI United NFT will receive an array of Crawley Town club perks and there will be a lot of them. They will also be given the ability to receive physical and digital Adidas merch. Though, the artwork of the collection is still unknown. 

The NFT holders will be given decision rights within the football club. This will be the first-ever football club to enable decentralized decision-making through NFT ownership. Previously, the fans were voiceless but this time, the NFT holders will join a “Fan Council” and make decisions. 

For example, the fans will be given the power to decide if the manager of the regional club should keep their job if the team doesn’t qualify for the next round. This type of fan power is unmatched. 

WAGMI has plans to turn Crawley Town into a famous internet team with a huge, loyal audience. Their ultimate goal is to bring Crawley Town into the English Premier League, as per their website. 

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