Walker World – A Freshly Announced Metaverse Game Built In Unreal Engine 5

Walkers Labs, a Web3 gaming studio, announced yesterday (11/17) a teaser trailer for its upcoming Metaverse game called Walker World, built in Unreal Engine 5.

Walker World is a massive, open-world P2E interoperable third-person shooter and adventure Metaverse game created on Unreal Engine 5, an advanced open-source 3D developer tool used to create realistic games.

Meet The Walkers

Walkers are 3D NFT avatars that will be used in multiple games within the Walker World ecosystem, offering the chance to bring your digital identity across many different experiences.

Walkers are the main digital collectibles in Walker World, but there are some other NFTs that users can buy and use. These include weapons, territories, and vehicles, which can be minted or purchased via the OpenSea NFT marketplace.