War Riders Auctions Six Unique Vehicles

War Riders Auctions Six Unique Vehicles

One of the coolest games in blockchain gaming right now is without any doubt, War Riders.

Cartified Inc is developing a highly explosive game that has attracted players outside the blockchain gaming community due to its unique concept.

Mike drives his warrior Prius in Wastelands to visit a friend, at the BZN station he gets robbed by street thugs, minutes later, a golden Lambo rams into him. It sounds like a crazy story, but in Wastelands, it’s just Tuesday.

The upcoming blockchain game creates a Mad Max environment where players hunt for BZN, the only form of payment left globally. 

War Rider announced the Dutch auction in which players can buy six unique vehicles, the auction began from 100ETH per vehicle (for some), and it will steadily drop until there is a buyer.

Visit the War Riders Vehicle Sale Page

A Collection of War Riders Cars Presented Side by Side
A Collection of War Riders Cars Presented Side by Side

Founders Edition Lambo

With a Top Speed of 218MPH and NOS equipped, it can easily challenge a fighter jet in style, even if there are no jets in Wastelands. The Founders Badge verifies it’s uniqueness as the only available, fastest car with maximum gun slots, designed by the devs Lambo.

Golden Lambo

This War Lambo is made of pure 18-carat gold material with bulletproof ceramic coating, let’s not forget, Wastelands is a men world. This luxury status is available for 90ETH at the moment while the starting price was 100ETH.

Wastelands offer several possibilities to the players, Benzene, the only currency left to trade. Become the most powerful and wealthy army by expanding your garage locations, buy better weapons, and killing for influence. Offer protection to other players and earn ETH.