Gala Games Partners with Award-Winning Film “Common Ground”

Gala Games Partners with Award-Winning Film

Gala Games, the driving force behind various interactive platforms, has announced its latest partnership with the celebrated documentary “Common Ground.” To commemorate this collaboration, the company’s flagship game, “Town Star,” has been rebranded as “Common Ground World.”

Film Details and Impact

“Common Ground” is the anticipated sequel to the influential documentary “Kiss the Ground.” With participation from celebrities like Rosario Dawson, Donald Glover, and Woody Harrelson, the film delves into the promising potential of regenerative agriculture. By highlighting innovative farming practices, it proposes solutions to challenges like climate change, economic disparities, and community health. The movie is currently on a US tour and will soon be available for streaming on Gala Film.

Elevating its commitment to sustainability, Gala Games has incorporated elements from “Common Ground” into its gaming experience. “Common Ground World” introduces a fresh gameplay mode that integrates the film’s regenerative agricultural concepts. The company has also launched two unique in-game buildings – The Composting Facility and the Common Ground Academy. These features symbolize the company’s dedication to the cause, with a portion of the proceeds from these buildings supporting the “Common Ground” initiative.

Join the Regenerative Movement

Beyond the gaming experience, Gala Games is actively promoting the film’s mission. The company offers special ticket bundles for the movie, with every purchase donating tickets for up to 250 individuals to attend pre-release screenings. These bundles, available in varying rarities, also come with additional perks, including collectible NFTs and access to the film on Gala Film after its release.

Do you want to learn more about the film or the game? Head to Gala Games official statement here!