War Riders Now Use Human-Readable Names Instead of ETH Address.

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War Riders, a driving MMO Blockchain-based game announced cooperation with the Chainlink platform to use human-readable usernames for deposits and withdrawals through smart contracts. It’s a step further for mainstream adoption as players won’t have to copy/paste anymore their Ethereum addresses. It’s worth mentioning that changes can be made at will, of-chain and the platform will still identify them during withdrawal and deposit process through the use of Chainlink oracles and the War Riders API.

The process of linking your Ethereum address to a username is extremely easy and it takes place here, the transaction won’t cost any GAS Fee. Once a user sends some funds or NFTs to that username, the system routes it to the appropriate address, making transactions on Ethereum and War Riders a piece of cake.

In case you missed it, War Riders identified a bug a few days back on the Smart Contract and requires all users to migrate, for the second time their BZN tokens to the new contract. The process is easy and takes place on the official War Riders Website.

War Riders is an Mad-Max Style MMO game by Cartified located in Washingtron DC. The game uses an ERC-20 token called BZN for the internal economy, BZN is also used as fuel for the war vehicles.

Read more about the Chainlink and War Riders Cooperation.

Read more about War Riders

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