War Riders: The Anticipated Garage Sale Starts Soon

Fast forward to yesterday, Nov 16, when the official announcement regarding the Truck Garages finally came, and the upcoming Garage NFT Property Title sale officially begins Nov 22 at 11 AM ET.

Two months ago, in September, the War Rider team announced that their upcoming War Riders garage sale would take place shortly after the Ethereum Merge. Fast forward to Nov 16, when the official announcement regarding the Truck Garages finally came, revealing that the upcoming Garage NFT Property Title sale will begin on Nov 22 at 11 AM ET

Additionally, an AMA about the Garage Sale will take place on YouTube in order to showcase the upcoming garage sale officially starting on Nov 9 at 11 AM ET. 

The parking garages are known as NFT Property Titles or NFTPT. These NFTs differ from others; there is a renewal term (the renewal term defines how long the owner can generate income). When the term expires, the players must pay a renewal fee of $BZN to reactivate.

The game allows you to park your trucks in the Garage, rent the Garage to other players, and charge them fees to earn money. Additionally, when the Garage NFT sale goes live, it will work on a bonding curve. It means that each NFT sold raises the price of the next one in line.

Private Sale Message from the War Rider Team:

Traditionally, everyone will have to RSVP for the sale to receive the link before it becomes publicly available. The link will be emailed to those who RSVP’d when the private sale launches. The emails will be sent in the order sign-ups are received, so those who sign up early will probably get the link a little faster. To ensure that you receive emails in your inbox, we suggest you add mail@send.warriders.com to your contact list.

Registration Link

The schedule of the upcoming events goes as follows:

  1. Registration for the Garage Sale opens Nov 22 at 11 AM ET.
  2. Black Friday Bundle Sale (something special) Nov 25 at 12 AM ET.
  3. Ama/Garage Demo Stream Nov 29 at 11 AM ET.
  4. Private Garage Sale launch Dec 6 at 11 AM ET.
  5. Public Garage Sale launch Dec 8 at 11 AM ET.

About War Riders

Set in the post-apocalyptic wastelands, War Riders (running on the Ethereum Network) is a massive multiplayer shooting game where player drive vehicles and fight for survival. They drive cars, hovercraft, and war trucks. On the map, there are several locations that produce Benzene ($BNZ).

Benzene is the in-game currency that’s available for loot – both in fixed locations and random spots on the map for a limited time. The game is fun because $BNZ can also be stolen from other players. To save your BNZ tokens, you always need a Garage where you can stash them.

With personalized logos and color selections, players may customize their cars. Of course, there are also numerous alternative weapon load-outs. When a vehicle is destroyed, it enters a cooldown mode and is unavailable for usage for a period. 

The game is completely free to play, but the NFT vehicles and weapons are substantially stronger than the free game’s default options.