Wavelings is The Newest MMO Enjin Game With AI Companions

Wavelings MMORPG Game blockchain based Enjin

Enjin welcomes Wavelings game to its ecosystem, a full-scale sci-fi, open-world MMO by Axana Games. Wavelings recently joined the Blockchain Game Alliance, and it’s set to launch in 2021.

The newest addition to the Enjin ecosystem can be described as an MMORPG game where players collect in-game items and complete quests in third person. Some of the in-game items are ERC-1155 Tokens on the blockchain, meaning that players can freely trade them in any marketplace such as EnjinX.

The multi-level design motivates players to complete quests to earn even bigger rewards along the way.


Wavelings will feature land plots on the blockchain where players can build their faction and farm resources. Also, land can be used as an advertising space for both virtual and physical products. It’s worth to mention that through Wavelings, distribution of branded NFTs can happen with the click of a button.

Axana Games will showcase Wavelings at the Blockchain Game Alliance Demo Day on November 4. The demo will feature a gameplay walkthrough as well as some of the game’s most innovative mechanics.

One of the innovative mechanics in Wavelings is player’s AI companion that exists on the blockchain. The text/audio-based AI can be upgraded as you progress and it will offer a lot of support throughout the game.

After researching the tech and establishing the top priorities for our model and clients, Enjin became the easy choice. The Enjin ecosystem is at the forefront of modern blockchain technology and provides a suite of tools that remove potential barriers to adoption. This is invaluable and will allow us to remain focused on the business of gaming.
Leah Munro, CEO of Axana Games

Enjin’s Scaling Solution is close.

Since 2018, Enjin has been hard at work on its own sidechain, Efinity.

Efinity is an Ethereum sidechain and not a blockchain. The fact that it operates on Ethereum provides a security and confidence level. It’s proven as the most popular, secured, and stable protocol to build on top. In plain English, Enjin has to worry only about Efinity and not about the blockchain itself.

The main goals of Efinity are:

  • Transactions and trades of ERC-20 and ERC-1155 assets without any transaction fees.
  • Transaction speeds in the hundreds of milliseconds or less.
  • Throughput scales horizontally to meet any demand without increasing costs.
  • Truly decentralized, no hostile takeovers or security compromises possible.

Stay tuned for more Efinity news.