Wax-Based Game DeepMine to Release VIP Cards

DeepMine Wax Game

Deepmine announced the DeepMine VIP cards that allow holders to receive unique and valuable perks. 

According to DeepMine, the VIP cards are a unique opportunity for early investors (or, should we say, adopters) to receive exclusive perks in the ecosystem. 

DeepMine plans to make the VIP cards available for vDMP even before launching DMP. This early launch aims to make sure that early adopters and stakers can make the most out of the rewards that come with staking the VIP cards. 

More About DeepMine VIP Cards

The VIP cards will be tradable on AtomicHub, you’d be able to trade the VIP cards for $WAX. 

Keep in mind that the DeepMine VIP cards will be issued only once. Some of these cards will be available to buy as NFTs. 

For marketing purposes, some of the VIP cards will be reserved to be made available in auction sales, Lottery Awards, Tournaments, and given exclusively to celebrities. 

The VIP cards are divided into five tiers. The tiers are:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Golden
  4. Platinum
  5. Diamond

The cheapest card is the Bronze one costing 5000 DMP. The most expensive on the list, the Diamond card, is listed at 100,000 DMP

DeepMine reveals the details about the Bronze tier card. Here’s what we know so far. 

The DeepMine Bronze VIP Card

Price: 5000 DMP

Cards Available: 400 (from which 300 cards are available in the shelter store)

The Bronze VIP cards stakers will get the following benefits. 

  1. Bronze VIP card holders will get exclusive, priority access to DeepMine drop whitelists. 
  2. They will be given a unique discord role in the server. 
  3. They will also receive common DME Vouchers.
  4. They will be given access to Alpha Testnet Game Launch
  5. The VIP card holders will be given access to special Discord missions.