Wemade Collaborates with Chainlink Labs

Wemade Collaborates with Chainlink Labs

Wemade, a pioneer in the gaming space, has announced an exciting partnership with Chainlink Labs. The collaboration aims to foster an interconnected Web3 gaming landscape, with Chainlink’s CCIP serving as its backbone. As part of the collaboration, Wemade has designated Chainlink CCIP as the sole interoperability tool for its unagi(x) engine, which drives its groundbreaking omnichain initiative, unagi.

Taking Web3 Gaming to New Heights

Wemade is championing the next wave of Web3 gaming through its COURT initiative, a consortium focused on research, development, and innovation. COURT, which stands for Certified Organizations for Unagi Round Table, uses CCIP to solve existing cross-chain connectivity barriers. Upcoming releases from the initiative, ‘una Wallet’ and ‘una Scan,’ aim to deliver a user-centric experience, shifting the paradigms of traditional Web3 interaction.

Chainlink Labs has not only collaborated with Wemade but has also secured its spot as the first official member of COURT. This membership signifies the combined efforts of both entities to offer a unified blockchain journey that is platform-neutral.

Linking Disconnected Blockchains

The collaboration between Wemade and Chainlink Labs is poised to bridge the gaps between isolated blockchain networks. Their primary goal is to ensure seamless communication and asset transfer across chains in an efficient and secure manner.

Wemade and Chainlink Labs share an ambitious goal—leveraging Chainlink CCIP to connect disparate blockchains and create an interoperable Web3 ecosystem for games and other on-chain applications,stated Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “The partnership is built on cutting-edge technology, innovation, and a shared vision for the onchain future. Together, we aim to accelerate the expansion of a more interconnected and user-friendly Web3 gaming landscape powered by Chainlink CCIP.”

Central to their partnership is the use of Chainlink CCIP, globally recognized as the most secure protocol for cross-chain messaging. What sets CCIP apart is its backing by the Risk Management Network, an independent entity that persistently oversees cross-chain functions, flagging any suspicious maneuvers. This enhanced security layer is paramount given the industry’s past vulnerabilities and the massive losses due to shaky cross-chain infrastructures.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Wemade and Chainlink Labs is setting the stage for a revolutionary Web3 gaming realm, where seamless cross-chain interactions and heightened security protocols are at the forefront.