What Changes Are Coming to Gods Unchained With The New Daily Play & Earn Release?

The new play & earn feature of Gods Unchained gives the players the ability to earn by playing dialy.

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Gods Unchained, the well-known trading card game where you can trade cards in exchange for money, has recently announced the Daily Play & Earn feature launch.

This will change everything in Gods Unchained, as before that, players would mostly get rewarded with cards rather than crypto ($GODS). From August 31st, players will have the ability to earn $GODS daily!

Yesterday on Reddit, the team of Gods Unchained hosted a live AMA. There, a lot of community questions were answered about the new Daily Play & Earn feature. So, we gathered the most important questions and answers to get a taste of how the trading card game is changing and to understand how it will operate!

The first question was made by Fine_Astronaur_557, saying:

  • “Are you concerned with how Daily play and earn will affect the price of GODS tokens? What do you have in place to cause buy pressure or day-to-day use of the coin instead and create a more stable game economy for the coin?”

Immutable Arash answered by saying:

  • “Daily play & earn has a higher degree of rewards for decks with higher quality. This means cards need to be fused in the Forge using the token. We will monitor the impact of this on the Forge.”

Agrante asked about integrating the Flux wheel in the daily play & earn to increase rewards:

  • “Why not integrate the Flux wheel in the daily P&E for extra rewards to encourage more variety in decks?”

Immutable Arash answered by saying:

  • “We thought about this but didn’t want to introduce additional complexity and overhead into it. You are already encouraged to do that to earn max flux.”

The same person asked another question:

  • “If a player claims the rewards every 7 days, will they have to click the Claim button 7 times? Or will it lump all the rewards together in a single click?”

Immutable Arash answered by saying:

  • “We manage to get this one to be a single click!”

Agrante also asked:

  • “Why not scale the reward pool linearly with the player population and/or $GODS value?”

Immutable Arash answered by saying:

  • “The rewards will increase as the player population increases.”

PhoeniX-Skye made a question about the Win Streak, asking:

  • “Still not sure what “Win Streak” means for the Fragment Calculation. Can you please give us some insight?”

eclipsegu OP answered by saying:

  • “The Win Streak is a slight additional point bonus if you’ve won your previous game. If you win a previous game you win additional points, if you lose a game you won’t receive those additional points.”

Another question was made by Ill-Abbreviations-92, saying:

  • What does DP&E do to the tokenomics of $GODS and the value proposition for holding the token?”

Miserable_Ad3982 answered by saying:

  • “We can’t speculate on the value of the $GODS token. However, this is a major milestone in our Whitepaper and one that brings a significant utility to the token.”

More things we learned from the AMA.

  • Daily missions with $GODS Token rewards are something developers consider. 
  • In the future, players will be able to fuse welcome cards. This is important because #GODS rewards are also based on the Shine Quality of the cards.
  • Weekend Ranked will not reward with $GODS.

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