What’s New in Hash Rush?

Hash Rush

Hash Rush is a sci-fi real-time strategy game where players fight for victory against the Crystal Scourge – an evil force causing chaos in the in-game fictional Hermeian galaxy. 

The Hash Rush game consists of multiple zones. You can preview each zone and then select one that you would like to play in. Once you enter a zone, you will start with your main building, the Voyager’s Bastion. You have to build a strong base, gather resources, mine crystals, and prepare your army. 

Crystal Scourge (the enemy) will also develop their bases and attack you from time to time. Your ultimate goal in the game is to defeat them by launching attacks on their bases and finally killing the Crystal Fiend, their boss who lives in the citadel. 

Listen to the recent Podcast with the CMO of Hash Rush.

The Latest Happenings

You can join the Hash Rush playtest as developers work hard to improve the game with new updates. 

Here are some new developments around the Hash Rush game recently:

New Heroes

Heroes are an integral part of the game since most of the gameplay revolves around them. They are your avatars in the game and entities you control to do different activities like combating. 

Two new Hash Rush heroes have been introduced: The ‘Yak’ Rider and Yala – An Ernack meets a Tree Ent

New Crystal Scrouge Units 

Two new units have joined the Crystal Scourge – the game enemy. 

The first one is a giant Tik-like creature who belongs to the boss unit known as Titan. You have to defeat it to overcome Crystal Scourge. The second unit works for them to gather valuable resources. 

Partnership With Neal Adams

Neal Adams is a famous American comic-book artist. He’s the man behind the creation of Batman, and has worked with DC and Marvel for Superman, X-Men, and Green Lantern as well. 

Hash Rush and Neal Adams are doing a partnership to create a special comic. It will be sold in the form of limited edition NFTs to players who have signed up for the Hash Rush play test. 

AIBC Summit

Hash Rush’s co-founder and now CEO of Vorto Gaming visited Dubai to participate in the AIBCsummit and presented the Hash Rush game. This is a great step towards expanding the game’s outreach. More events like these are hopefully to follow. 

Other Updates 

  • New crafting system and inventory.
  • Boost items like health boosters will be available as NFTs.
  • The Crystals are back in the game.
  • Players can play in new zones now as more maps are going to be added.