Splinterlands Hits Golden Milestone with 50,000 Daily Players

Splinterlands 50k players

After playing fast-paced and frantic games for hours like Valorant and DOTA, which involve quick thinking and lightning reflexes, it is nice to relax and decompress with laidback games that you can play with one arm tied behind your back. This is where card games shine because they are simple to play yet still exciting as you engage in a battle of wits where finesse, strategy, and flawless technique usually triumph over brute force and raw power. 

Thanks to million-dollar pioneers and household names like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon, the subculture of trading card games have transcended their physical form, and people can now play similar games online. With the emergence of hit titles like Hearthstone and Legends of Runeterra that boast millions of loyal players worldwide, trading card games linked to blockchain technology are now ready to step out of the shadows and share the limelight. 

Leading the charge is Splinterlands, and it recently hit the golden and momentous milestone of 50,000 daily players with staggering numbers of over 250,000 accounts created and more than 70,000 Spellbooks purchased lately. This is indeed an impressive leap in membership as it doubled the 25,000 players recorded back in July. At this rate, quick calculations show that these figures will exponentially grow before the year ends, and this looks promising for one of the oldest and most stable blockchain games out there. 

The spike of players and increased interest in Splinterlands can be attributed to the recent release of SPS token being airdropped daily to players and card owners. The daily supply of tokens and in-game currency is a great incentive and motivation for existing players to continue playing every day, inviting their friends to join and expanding the community because there is indeed strength in numbers.

For those who want to try out Splinterlands, the game can be played on desktop computers and mobile devices. With over 283 unique cards and 46 different abilities that players can choose from, people can let their imagination run wild and create other decks most suitable to win the battle at hand. Players can also pick their poison and choose from seven factions or “Splinters”: fire, Earth, Water, Life, Death, dragon, and Neutrals.

Due to the four rarity types (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) of powerful cards that can turn the tides of battle and swing momentum in your favor, players need to get their hands on as many cards as they can so that they can stack the deck and stay ahead of the pack. And thanks to blockchain technology that gives the power of ownership back to players, they can now trade and lease these NFT cards to their friends, combine cards to become more powerful, convert cards to cryptocurrency or sell them in various marketplace platforms like Open Sea, PeakMonsters and Monster Market. 

Thanks to Splinterland’s initiative of creating a Hive wallet automatically when players register at the website, there is now limitless play-to-earn potential when players participate in tournaments, play Ranked games, and complete daily quests. And to sweeten the deal, Splinterlands also offers cross-compatibility with other blockchains like Tron, WAX, and Ethereum, making the diversification of your portfolio seamless and hassle-free. 

Splinterlands is free to try and 10$ to unlock the play-to-earn model.