Xternity Shakes Hands With Polygon to Onboard a Multiplayer Web3 Game

Synergy Land is officially moving to Polygon from Solana.
Synergy Land is officially moving to Polygon from Solana.

Blockchain-based multiplayer game Synergy of Land is on its way to the Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Polygon, as Xternity proposed.

Xternity is a blockchain-based platform that offers a suite of tools and services for developers and businesses to build and deploy decentralized applications. Synergy Games, the gaming studio behind the game, chose Xternity to handle the migration from Solana to the EVM-compatible Polygon chain.

This strategic move by Xternity will see Synergy of Land embrace a powerful technology that offers a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Although migration might make moving assets between the two blockchains challenging, Xternity assures you that this migration will not affect user experience and assets (NFTs) will be safe at all times.

About Synergy of Land

Synergy of Land is an upcoming ARPG game developed by Synergy Games. The game is set in a fantasy world divided into four ecosystems: earth, water, fire and ice.