Yahoo Tests Virtual Concert in Hong Kong – Joins the Metaverse Race

yahoo concert Dekaron M is a PC MMORPG that was first released in 2004 and published by Nexon. Now, the game is being rebranded as Dekaron G as they plan to bring blockchain features into the game. 

Yahoo has launched a test project as the brand joins the metaverse race. The test project is a virtual concert in Decentraland. 

As Meta announced a similar project on Tuesday, Yahoo is getting into the metaverse race in Hong Kong. Animoca Brands also hails from this Asian country. 

Animoca Brands Will Take on Meta in Hong Kong?

Well, this talk started when Yat Siu – Animoca Brands co-founder and executive chairman said jokingly that Animoca Brands will compete with Meta when it comes to the metaverse community in Hong Kong. 

He also said that Animoca Brands’ approach to the open metaverse is more in-sync with how the community likes it – better than Meta’s! His claim has proved to be right as some stats show that Horizon Worlds’ metaverse might take almost half of the sales. 

Yahoo – An Increased Competition in Hong Kong

Meanwhile, these two have been fighting to take the first spot, Yahoo has also entered the “chat” and now the competition will rise. After this announcement, the internet company will hold more virtual events and also plans to release a limited amount of NFTs. 

“Yahoo Hong Kong has always been providing a wide range of online services that are relevant to people’s daily lives, including using the latest technology to improve and enhance the user experience.”

“The company wants to use the metaverse to connect people regardless of time and location”, Lorraine Cheung, Head of Audience, Yahoo Hong Kong

The reason why Yahoo is setting foot into the metaverse race is because of promising stats. Roger Li (senior director at Yahoo Creative Studio Asia Pacific) believes that more than 80% of Hongkongers are either interested or already experiencing the metaverse, one way or the other. This means that there is huge potential and Yahoo doesn’t want to miss out.